Getting married in Italy

Getting married in Italy for couples from other countries of the world has now become a custom.
Foreign tourists who come to take holidays in Italy, are thrilled when they discover and see the artistic and landscape wonders that our country offers.
For this reason, many couples who also come from overseas, decide to go back to organize their wedding here and get married in Italy.

Sposarsi in Italia per turisti stranieri che visitano L'Emilia-Romagna con
Sposarsii n Italia per coppie di turisti stranieri che visitano l'Emilia Romagna

Getting married in Italy:
Foreign tourists choose Emilia Romgna and our partners!

More and more tourists from abroad decide to marry in Italy.
Many choose to celebrate their wedding in Emilia-Romagna.
In particular, on the territory of Emilia there are cities such as Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Ferrara that have an immense artistic and cultural heritage.
And then there is Bologna that, in addition to offering art and culture in every corner of the city, offers spectacular landscapes and immersed in greenery thanks to the nearby hills that embrace the regional capital.
In addition, moving a little from the main urban centers, there are villas, churches and locations that give breath-taking landscapes.
For these reasons, for the welcome and elegance that only in Italy we know to offer, many foreign tourists decide to get married in our country. decided, together with their partners, to allow foreign tour couples to better organize their wedding.
The couple will be accompanied for their choices and we will provide them with useful directions to make unforgettable the wedding celebrated in Italy.
Discover our cities and choose the one that fascinates you the most to celebrate your wedding in this beautiful region!


Wedding in Bologna

The regional capital is known to the world for its two towers, the basilica of St. Luke, the well-preserved old town and the long arcades.
In addition, Bologna, with its hills not far from the urban center, gives foreign tourists who decide to get married in this city, locations with spectacular landscapes and immersed in greenery to celebrate their wedding in peace.
Not forgetting, finally, the typical dishes of the city, which can not miss at your reception with relatives and friends.
Do you have any other curiosities to ask us? Contact us and we will organize your dream wedding in Bologna.

Matrimonio a Villa Motta anche per turisti stranieri con

Wedding in Modena

Modena is undoubtedly another beauty of this beautiful region. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Cathedral, civic Tower and the Great Square of the city have been listed since 1997 by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.
The little-distant apennines that surround the city, allow foreign tourists who decide to marry in Modena, to enjoy unique locations on a landscape level.
In addition, Modena culinary art is famous all over the world for fried dumplings, tigelles, tortellini and many other dishes that you can't miss at your wedding.
Contact us to find out more and to make your wedding unique by organizing it in Modena.

Matrimonio in Italia per tursisti stranieri a Ferrara con

Wedding in Ferrara

In addition to the culinary specialties that, as you may have noticed, a bit throughout the region can be found, the city is famous for the breathtaking locations it manages to offer thanks to its strategic location.
Ferrara, in fact, is not far from the sea despite being in the middle of the Padana plain.
In addition, Ferrara, has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1995 for being the city of the Renaissance and since 1999 for the Po River Delta and its extensive delights. What to expect: Contact us to organize your dream wedding in Ferrara.

Matrimonio per turisti stranieri in Italia a Parma con

Wedding in Parma

Parma is the capital of culture of 2020 and this is certainly a great reason, as well as to visit it, to celebrate in this city the wedding for foreign tourists.
In 2015 it received recognition from Unesco as a "Creative for Gastronomy" city.
It is well known, in fact, that in the ducal city there are many typical dishes. Among them are Parma's raw ham and Parmesan cheese.
In addition, not far from the city centre, you can admire locations with beautiful landscapes where you can celebrate your wedding.
Parma is considered a bit of the canon of the region and for this reason you just have to contact us to choose together the most suitable location for you.


Matrimonio in Italia per turisti stranier in Italia a Ferrara con

Wedding in Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is located in the heart of the Padana plain.
This does not mean that the city can not guarantee beautiful locations with beautiful landscapes, indeed!
There are many restaurants, farmhouses and villas that offer foreign tourists who decide to marry in this city beautiful landscapes with endless expanses of green meadows or, depending on the season, with colors ranging from brown to green.
In addition, together with nearby Parma, they form together the place of origin of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
Contact us make your wedding dream in this beautiful city.


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